When hosting a blog for yourself, you are often confronted with the problem of readers demanding fresh, new and interesting content on a recurring base. And, of course, it's nice to have something you can live up to, get creative with, or, in the context of a blog for example, fill up with interesting content every now and then.

However, most blogs suffer from the problem of reader requiring you to fill it up with content on an at least monthly basis, and this kind of stress may limit any kind of creativity or fun in the process of writing blog posts.

That's why twink0r and I, maride, came to the conclusion that a shared blog would be the perfect solution: a (small) group of people may fill up a single blog with their creativity, ideas, projects, ... This has two effects: on one side, the blog gets varying topics and readers interesting in topic X may also find interesting content for topic Y, even if that wasn't the reason the reader came on the blog in the first place. On the other side, it takes the stress from each author to "deliver" content on a recurring base.

So we are happy to announce our small home spot on the internet.

All the best,! 🤠

~ maride